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Welcome to Business Casual Chic!

Once upon a time, I had the grand idea of starting a style blog, fueled by living in Chicago at the time, finally having an income to fund a clothing habit, and inspiration from many local style bloggers.   My enthusiasm for that didn't really last, partially because I felt too constrained by that label, partially because I had no time, and partially because I quite frankly had no idea what I was doing.  The blog has sat dormant for some time, and I have decided to resurrect it as a "little bit of everything" blog - one with outfits and style on occasion, but also with photos, recipes, trips, books, and music.  I wanted a blog where family and friends can stay posted, and strangers can stop by if they see something that interests them.  I'm keeping the title the same, but the intentions have changed.

A note about my approach to the style side of things - I've loved glancing through fashion blogs in recent years, but I found the looks just rarely seem like they'd apply to my work and lifestyle.  As a clinical pharmacist in a hospital, I spend many hours on my feet out and about in the building, and my day rarely ends on time.  As any woman in a similarly active position knows, being comfortable is a must, and some of us are also constrained by the limits of expected dress codes in settings such as hospitals.  Few blogs I found gave me idea of how to spruce up my wardrobe within those limits, so I try to make things practical.

In addition, while most life and style blogs provide wonderful inspiration and are beautiful to look at, they also portray an ideal aesthetic that the average person has little chance of achieving.  Those polished appearances and fabulous homes are meticulously arranged for photographing, and most of us just don't have the time and resources for that.  We want to look nice and eat delicious food and live in attractive homes and lead interesting lives, but we also have careers we would like to succeed in - jobs that are often entirely unrelated to the fashion and design industries, and which take up an enormous amount of our time and effort. 

Based on my limits as a regular person, I decided to create an average blog for the average woman like me, and leave the perfection to the people who make a career out of it.  If that's up your alley, I hope you enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

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