Sunday, February 26, 2012

From Blah to Ooh-Ahh: Temporarily Transform a Long Single-Strand Necklace

I don't know about you, but I'm never quite sure what to do with a long single-strand beaded necklace.  Sometimes they work fine on their own, but they usually just end up looking too long or too plain to me.  I'll knot them at the bottom sometimes, but if the beads are too large, it just ends up looking awkward.  More often than not, I end up putting the necklace back on the hook and going with something else.

I was absentmindedly playing around with one of my necklaces the other night, and came up with a quick temporary solution to the drab single strand.  I'm sure people probably do this all the time, but it was new to me.  The solution?  Twist!

- Hook your fingers in each end of the necklace and twist in opposite directions until you have a fairly tight twist.

- Drape the twisted strand around your neck and hold the ends in front of you.  Transfer both ends to one hand (you should have little loops at the end to hang on to).

-With your other hand, grab a safety pin.  Yes, a safety pin.  I'm sure there's a more attractive way to do this, but this was on the fly - if you're hair is down, nobody will notice anyway.  Fasten the safety pin through both loops - it should be able to tuck in between beads so it'll close.

- Rearrange the necklace so your temporary clasp is in the back, and you have a brand new necklace that looks nothing like how it started!  When you're done wearing it this way, it goes right back to its former self so you can wear it however you want.

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