Friday, February 10, 2012

Sweet Deal: Kristin Hassan Jewelry 40% off for Valentine's Day!

Periodically, I'm going to post sales and specials I hear about (and/or have taken advantage of myself) to share the disturbing joy I experience from getting a great deal on something fabulous.  I'm aware I currently have a readership of maybe two people, but with any luck that will eventually change, and this will actually be a useful function for someone!

Anyway: I have recently become enamored with the bracelets of Chicagoland designer Kristin Hassan.  (Especially her hinged bangles.  Hinged bangles are the bracelet savior of small-wristed women.  If you've ever had a bangle bracelet just fall off your hand, you know what I mean.)  Her wrist wraps are also of stunning design, blending leather or faux leather with metals, studs, and sparkling stones.  While I'm certainly not a seasoned or legit style blogger like the others who tout her designs, you can still take my word for it: you'll love them.

Now for the good news:  Through February 14th, Kristin is having a Valentine's Day special.  See her image below for details, and head over to her online store right [here].  Of note, she ships fast!

I have two of her pieces at the present time - the Single Wrist Wrap (on the left in the picture below) and the Exit-52 hinged bangle (on the right).  Both of these are available in several more colors.  I also have my eye on her Watch Wrist Wrap, but unfortunately I think that will have to wait until a later time.  However, you should immediately go check out her site and take advantage of this great deal!

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