Monday, February 6, 2012

Welcome to Business Casual Chic!

I'm glad you're here, and I'm very excited to get this blog going!  Read on for a little bit about the blog, why I decided to start it, and what to expect:

Here's a confession - I was a bit frumpy for most of my younger life, and the concepts of being a stylish individual completely eluded me for years. When I was in high school and college, I often found myself thinking ahead to when I'd hit the adult world and could finally get out of the Juniors section and start shopping for nicer clothes.  Something about the clean, polished styles of "work clothes" resonated with me, and I vowed that someday I would step up my fashion game.  In the past few years (coinciding with actually having an income), I've become completely enamored with putting together classic and classy styles appropriate for work and play.

As a clinical pharmacist in a hospital, I work long hours and spend many of them on my feet out and about in the hospital.  As any woman in a similarly active position knows, being comfortable is a must.  In addition, most of my social life involves attending concerts and local shows - also an environment where heels and miniskirts just don't pay if you actually want to enjoy yourself. In the past, I'd glance through fashion blogs, but the styles just didn't look like they'd apply to my work and lifestyle.  As a result, I've started my own blog for women like me - we want to look nice wherever we are, but we need to be functional too!

I thought I would provide a few crucial disclaimers regarding this endeavor, given that I'm being bold enough to call this a "fashion" blog:

1) My career is clearly not in fashion - this is all in good fun.  I simply like to look nice and want to show others how they can too, especially when they're busy, on their feet, and need their clothes to remain comfortable.  This is not intended to be your high fashion, couture, up-to-the minute trends blog, so if you're looking for hot-off-the-runway style... it's not here.

2) My hair and nails are always a disaster.  I understand that this is often a critical part of tying together an overall look, but it's best if we just ignore them in the grand scheme of things.  My hair is either curly (natural) or stick straight (Chi).  It will not cooperate in any other way.  My nails are never painted because there are no nails to paint.  Chronic nailbiters unite.

3) I rarely wear heels, especially the sky-high variety, so don't anticipate seeing too many of those show up in my styles.  I'm on my feet in a hospital all day long, so in the interest of comfort and the minimization of click-clacking around people who are ill, I nearly always wear flats with work clothes.

4) I will frequently use pieces in my styles which are no longer available, and many which are several years old.  When I can, I will try to track down similar options which are currently available and link to them in case anyone wants to replicate a certain look.

5) I don't have anyone to photograph me.  I have a tripod and a digital camera and limited areas in my apartment that can serve as a backdrop.  I will try to refrain from mirror shots, but desperate times may call for desperate measures.

6) I'm 5'4" and a size 4.  I usually have to get pants hemmed.  My styles won't work on everyone, but they should work on most people.

7) An enormous percentage of my wardrobe comes from The Limited, so it will be mentioned ad nauseum.  The store does not endorse me in any way - I just really, really like it.

8) My job does keep me very busy, so posting may become sporadic at times.  Bear with me - if I disappear, I'll be back!

9) I will also be posting about music, food, and DIY projects.  We all need to be well-rounded, right?

Happy reading!

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